About Me

My name is K.J. Rawson and I am an Assistant Professor in the English Department at the College of the Holy Cross. My research and teaching interests include composition, rhetoric, digital media, feminist and queer theory, and LGBT studies.

Previously, I was a Lecturer in the Division of Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Media at the University of Kentucky. I earned my Ph.D. in 2010 from Syracuse University in the Composition and Cultural Rhetoric program. Prior to my graduate work at SU, I completed a Master’s degree at the University of Colorado, Boulder in English Literature, with a focus on queer theory and critical race studies. I also earned a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Cornell University.

Outside of academia, my world revolves around my family and a great many things that capture my interests. After having been a vegetarian since 2000, I became vegan in 2007 and I’ve since developed a passion for vegan cooking and traveling for great vegan food. I am captivated by the Arctic, high altitude mountaineering, and bears, and I am an avid reader of tales of exploration, bear encounters, and survival.